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Hi, I’m Priya

a Creative Educator

About LegalFly…

LegalFly is an online Legal Education Platform that produces high-quality videos (YouTube) and online resources (Website) on topics focusing on Legal Education and everything Law. It supports individuals, students, and professionals on their journey toward knowledge, growth, and success.

My mission is to provide a source of legal education to those who aspire to learn, grow, and achieve extraordinary things in the dynamic world of Law. I am committed to helping you comprehend complex legal concepts straightforwardly and stay ahead of emerging legal trends. My ultimate goal is to build a wealth of legal resources to equip you with the wings to soar high in your legal journey and beyond.

Join my vibrant community of law enthusiasts and explore a world of captivating legal information and insightful articles. Whether you’re studying Law, pursuing a legal career, or striving to make a positive impact through legal advocacy, LegalFly is your trusted education platform.

Thank you, and stay tuned for some amazing updates in the coming future. 🙂


Story So Far…

2021 - January
Uploaded 1st Video to YouTube
2022 - April
Crossed 10k Subscribers
2023 - October

Reach Out

Write to me with any questions or feedback, and I’ll be glad to answer them. Or just say hello👋


You are the best so far. I am 63 and doing law after retirement. God bless you. You have been a great help.


I am a Professor of Economics and recently took VRS and joined LLB (Hons) last year.
I could get 74 percent in the first year only because of your online teachings.


Words really fail to express the way you are's....mind blowing Priya Madam....thank you.


Ma'am, you are explaining wonderfully. We get the concept understanding very quickly from your lectures. Thank you so much.


Excellent video Madam..the content, coverage, and presentations are very good. You have included almost all the decided cases, too..thanks a lot.